Vi bygger apparatskåp enligt kunders önskemål och underlag. Stora eller små serier. Enligt traditionell byggnation med kabelkanaler eller med Lütze-system med kabeldragning bakom apparater.

Fördelar med Lutz

Effective use of space
The LSC wiring system allows considerable reduction in the size of control cabinets. This allows minimisation of the productive area and the costs involved.

Accessible from the front
Lütze’s ready-made LSC frames are installed instead of the mounting panel. Component fitting and wiring take place from the front. The frames are constructed in such a way that wiring running behind the rails can be accessed from the front at any time.

Systematic flexibility
The range of aluminium profiles allows adaptation to almost any control component. The modular frame construction leaves nothing to chance.

Perfect climate
The separation into mounting and a wiring planes means that air can freely circulate around the components and wires, allowing for heat to dissipate and be carried away, less cooling is required and resources are protected.